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& String Ensemble CCA

About the Programme

‘The Violin Explorers!’ is an introductory violin programme for beginners aged 6 and up.

It is based on a mix of renowned American string pedagogies that involve fun group activities and singing.

Learning Together

Lessons are super duper fun when we get to learn with our friends! From putting together a giant violin to telling stories about the bow hold, kids get to interact and support each other in their learning; the giant task of learning to play the violin will seem like a piece of cake!

Discovering the String Family

Watch awesome videos about the history of the violin, the string family, and composers and violinists!

Each video introduces the child to a new aspect of violin playing!

Violin - Past Schools:​

  • Palm View Primary School (2017- 2018)

  • North Spring Primary School (2020)

  • Gongshang Primary School (2019, 2021)

  • Greenwood Primary School (2019 - 2021)

The Violin Explorers

The Violin Explorers, violin programme

Recommended for 

Primary 1s to 4s

String Ensemble CCA

For Primary and Secondary Schools

We teach group classes in violin, viola, and cello, and have experience working with school CCAs in preparation for SYF. ​


Contact us for further details.

String Ensemble CCA - Past Schools:​

  • Greenwood Primary School (2020 - current)

  • Fuchun Primary School (2020 - current)

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