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Preschool Music

Kinder Beat, an award-winning programme with progressive curriculum, fosters effective learning through music play experiences. The building block approach ensures that knowledge, skills and musical understanding are extended with each new song across Levels 1, 2 and 3. With each level, children will be able to improvise, maintain their part in complex ensembles and developed fundamental aural and music literacy skills.

Kinder Beat - Past Preschools:​

  • Totsville Montessori (Pasir Ris) (2020)

  • Bethel Preschool (2020)

My Music Friends focuses on learning through play, early development of music awareness in young children, and the fostering of inter-personal relationships through collaborative learning. Coupled with activities based on Orff Schulwerk music pedagogy, students will maximise their learning through an engaging array of activities such as singing, dancing, and instrument playing.

My Music Friends - Past Preschools:​

  • MY World @ Sembawang Drive (2018)

  • My First Skool Guillemard Crescent (2020)

  • My First Skool Cassia Crescent (2020)

Kinder Beat textbook called Music Box Magic
Kinder Beat textbook for keyboard
Kinder Beat textbook for piano

An award-winning

preschool programme

My Music Friends

My Music Friends, preschool music programme

Approved under the

NAC-AEP Arts Education Scheme

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