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MOE AMIS Music Teaching

Ready to Step In

Are you facing a sudden manpower crunch?


Colleague on extended leave? Fret not, we are ready to step in to fill your music lessons, do your grading, and pick up from where you have left off!

The Syllabus

We can conduct your lessons with your school's planned syllabus, First Steps to Music, or teach with material from the lesson plans from our own depository of lessons.


Our activities include movement, ensemble playing, composing, and performing for various music topics.

MOE Frameworks for Learning

We are familiar with the learning frameworks set by MOE, such as the 21st Century Competencies and key domains of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). We are also versed in the learning outcomes set in the General Music Programme (GMP) for Primary to Secondary schools.

Past Schools:

  • Fairfield Methodist Primary School​ (2017)

  • Lakeside Primary School (2017)

  • Maha Bodhi School (2017)

  • Punggol View Primary School (2017)

  • Yumin Primary School (2018, 2019)

  • West View Primary School (2020)

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